Rob Tabberer - Technical Consultant

Design and Implementation of Enterprise Storage, Backup and Archival Systems

Archiving systems ranging from terabytes to petabytes

Backup design and implementation for a premiership football team, law firms, scientific and pharmaceutical research companies

Storage design and implantation for law firms, large schools and colleges, scientific and pharmaceutical research companies

Near zero downtime migrations between storage arrays

Near zero downtime datacentre migrations

CommVault Technical Sales Professional - CVTSP
CommVault Solution Architect - CVSA
CommVault Certified Services Associate - CVCSA
CommVault Certified Professional - CVCP
CommVault Certified Specialist - Virtual Data Management - CVCV
CommVault Certified Specialist - Disaster Recovery - CVCD
CommVault Certified Master - CVCM
VMware Technical Solutions Professional - VTSP
Veeam Technical Sales Professional - VMTSP

Outside of my current focus area, I have particular interests in the whole network Infrastructure stack together with BI and Statistical Modeling